Associate Medical Technologist

Job Description : 
Medical technologists analyze samples of blood, tissue and body fluids to determine chemical content, cell count, drug levels or blood type; they may also search for specific microorganisms like bacteria or parasites. Preparing the samples for examination, using automated equipment and specialized instrumentation, performing numerous complicated tests simultaneously, and accurately interpreting the results are all part of a medical technologist's job.

The day-to-day duties of a medical technologist include complex analysis of microscopic, immunologic, biologic, bacteriologic, hematologic, and chemical tests and their results.

1.     Experience and Expertise

a.     Filipino citizen and a resident of the Philippines
b.     Graduate of BS Medical Technology
c.     Candidate must possess at least Professional License (Passed Board/Professional License Exam) in Medical Technology
2.     Personal Characteristics

a.     Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
b.     Problem solving skills
c.     Technical and troubleshooting skills
d.     Good Team player and has strong coordinating skills
e.     Able to adhere to codes of confidentiality
f.       Keen to details
g.     Can work under pressure
h.     Must have initiative
i.       Good moral values